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Apple Vision Pro Pre-orders Live and Additional Information

Photo of the front of the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro pre-orders have begun with initial availability in two weeks, February 2nd, 2024. As outlined before, Apple Visoin Pro starts at $3499 for the 256GB model. While there has been some additional previous available, but that information was limited. I thought it would make sense to provide additional specs and options available, because these have not been previously announced.

Pre-Order Needs

In order to pre-order an Apple Vision Pro you need to have an iPhone with Face ID, since face scanning is done to determine the proper light shield and headband size. On January 8th, Apple announced what would be included with the Apple Vision Pro as well as lens options. There are two lens options, readers for $99 and prescription lenses for $149. One thing that was not previously outlined, but has seen been made known is that you will need to have a current and valid prescription from a provider.

Included with Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro does come with some items within the package. This list of items included is

  • A Solo Knit Band
  • A Dual Loop Band
  • A Light Seal
  • Two Light Seal Cushions
  • An Apple Vision Pro Cover
  • A Polishing Cloth
  • Battery Pack
  • USB-C Charge Cable
  • USB-C Power Adapter

Additional Specs

At the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple indicated that it would have an M2 processor, but the details of the processor were not specified at the time. The Apple Vision Pro will come with an 8-Core CPU that has 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. Along with this is a 10-core GPU, a 16-Core Neural Engine, and 16GB of unified memory.

Additional Options

When the Apple Vision Pro pre-orders were announced, the $3499 price included the 256GB model. You can order a 512GB or 1TB model. The prices for these are $3699 for the 512GB and $3899 for the 1TB.

AppleCare+ for the Apple Vision Pro is $499 for two years of coverage, or $24.99 for monthly coverage.

The Apple Vision Pro can be powered by a battery pack, which provides up to 2 hours of regular usage and 2 1/2 hours of vidoe playback. If you wish to purchase an additional battery pack, it will cost $199.

Closing Thoughts

As of this writing pre-orders have slipped to mid February for the 256GB model, with the 512GB and 1TB model still having launch day pickup or delivery.

Photo of the profile of the Apple Vision Pro
The profile of the Apple Vision Pro.