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Apple announces 'Scary Fast' Event

Screenshot of the 'Scary Fast' event Invitation

Today Apple has announced a virtual-only event taking place on Monday, October 30th. Apple has given the event the moniker of "Scary Fast". Typically, events take place at 10:00 am Pacific Time, but this one is different. This one will begin streaming at 5:00 pm Pacific time on October 30th.

It is suspected that Apple will announce their next generation of processors, the M3 line, and some new Macs that will run them. The reason for this is bcauseif you watch animation on the Apple Events page, you will see a dark version of the Finder icon.

I will have a write up of the event sometime after the event has concluded, likely sometime on Tuesday.

Via: 9to5Mac.

Screenshot of the 'Scary Fast' event invite that shows the Finder Face