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Apple Announces WWDC 23 Keynote and State of the Union

WWDC 2023 Event Announcement header

Even thought many people already expected it, Apple has confirmed that it will hold its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 5th at 10am Pacific time, or 1pm Eastern time. It will be available to watch via Apple's website, YouTube, the Apple Developer app or, the Apple TV app. You can also watch it after the keynote.

Also occuring on June 5th, this time at 1:30 Pacific time, or 4:30 Eastern time, is the Platforms State of the Union. The Platforms State of the Union is geared towards developers and goes more deeply into the nerdier aspects of the platform updates.

WWDC23 will have 175 in-depth videos that developers can watch throughout the week of WWDC, so you can learn more about the features, frameworks, and get some code examples to see how to implement the features.

We are only 13 days away from the WWDC keynote, so we shall see what Apple announces for its latest operating systems. I will be posting my wish list before the keynote and I will have a recap after the keynote to summarize what Apple shows off.

Source: Apple Newsroom