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    iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Books Available for Pre-Order


    One of the things that some may have noticed is that there has not been a whole lot posted to the site over the last few months, as a matter of fact there have only been four posts total. Three of these have been videos and one was about Amazon's Prime day. As has become custom over the last few years, my summers are spent writing e-books about Apple's latest operating systems. This year is no different. These e-books are now available for pre-order in Apple's iBooks Store.


    iOS 10 for Users and Developers explores the myriad of new features in iOS 10 across all of Apple’s iOS-based devices: iPhone, iPad, tvOS, and watchOS. Some of the topics covered include Widgets, HomeKit, Payments, Unlocking your Mac, Notifications, Messages and the Music Redesign.

    For Developers, the biggest changes occur within Xcode and Swift. Swift 3 is covered extensively as well as some of the new frameworks, and the updates with Xcode.

    As with previous years, iOS 10 for Users and Developers is available in both ePub and iBooks versions.


    macOS Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers is a book that covers all of the new features of macOS Sierra. For users, some of the categories covered are the new name, Siri, changes to Photos, the Apple Watch and your Mac, Storage updates, Messages, Safari changes, and the Apple File System (APFS).

    For Server Administrators, some of the items include updates to permissions, Apple Classroom, security updates, and other supported changes.

    For developers, the changes in Xcode as well as Swift 3 are covered. Along side these, the new frameworks that have been unveiled by Apple are discussed.

    No matter what your level of expertise, macOS Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers has something for everybody.

    Just like the iOS 10 book, macOS Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers is available in ePub and iBooks versions. Pre-orders are available today.

    Amazon pre-orders for these will be forthcoming.


    Amazon Pre-orders are now available. You can pre-order iOS 10 for Users and Developers or macOS Sierra for Users, Administrators, and Developers. They are both $3.99 and are available worldwide.