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    Death of Radio in Chicago

    The Radio industry, much like the RIAA and MPAA has shot itself in the foot. Today 103.5 in Chicago announced their replacement of Drex who was abruptly removed from the station on Tuesday. Drex was one of the most popular shows in the 18 to 34 Chicago market. This is just Radio's way of shooting itself in the foot. I refuse to listen to 103.5 anymore. This is what I sent to 103.5

    After the abrupt cancellation of the DreX morning show, I refuse to listen to or even recommend 103.5 to anybody. Drex was the only reason I would even remotely begin listening to 103.5, or even listen to the radio at all. The removal of the only successful Chicago radio host for the 18-34 market segment is a big mistake. The alienation of the most important segment will be the ultimate demise of 103.5. Drex was one of the few programs that would have talked about real topics that affect the lives of listeners. The removal of Drex has caused at least 6 people I know to stop listening to 103.5 for any reason. You have disappointed quite a few listeners and lost many more. Where ever Drex does end up next he will find a loyal following and I know I'll be waiting to hear from him again. Removal of the Drex morning show has only hastened the demise of traditional radio. The sour taste will lead many to head to alternative mediums, like Podcasts, instead of listening to traditional radio. Your lost ad revenue and former listener.

    I hope Drex does a podcast, I'll sign up in a heartbeat with no qualms about doing so. If he's picked up elsewhere I'll listen to that station. The loss of Drex in the morning is a big loss for the Chicago 18 to 34 market. In protest I have removed 103.5 from my presets. The only reason it was on there was because of Drex. Drex, do a podcast, or see if another station in Chicago will hire you. I know you'll have at least two listeners...


    Angry Birds

    My Stuffed Angry Birds have arrived today. Below are the two I got... I also ordered the Pigs, but they won't arrive until next month. If you want to order your own, check out the Angry Birds website.

    Angry Bird BlueAngry Bird Red