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    Just a few WWDC 2010 Predictions and thoughts

    I am quite excited about WWDC, if I had prepared enough ahead of time I could have actually gone this year, but alas I have not and I will be watching the live blogs like many others. I do have a few thoughts as to what we will see.

    I'm sure that we will see the next iPhone. I'm pretty sure it will be much like the Engadget iPhone that has been shown already. It'll be available in both Black and White. My guess is that it will also be available in 32GB and 64GB models. The iPhone 3GS 16GB will become the $99 model; and it will be the black model.

    I'm not sure when the next iPhone will be available; I tend to think it'll be around the 20th or so. This will give time for the phone to be able to get to the stores as well as allow developers to get their applications to be submitted, approved and in the store before the phone is available.

    The second thing we'll see is a new build of Xcode for something new, what, nobody is 100% sure. Some are suggesting a revamped AppleTV. Xcode could allow the other iPhone OS devices to be used as a remote (even more than it is now).

    I'm almost sure that we will also see a demonstration of some new applications from many of the developers that will really show off iPhone OS 4.0, which has already been announced.

    What I would like to see released is the iPad 4.0 beta software. I don't know if this will be released, yet this would be a nice surprise for those who would like to test iPhone OS 4.0's additional features on their iPads.

    I'm not sure what else is going to be seen at WWDC this year. There are a few other rumors, including Safari 5 with more HTML 5, Free Mobile Me for everybody, iTunes Cloud/Re-launched LaLa service and who knows what else… let me know what you think we'll see tomorrow.