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    Apple iPad Event Highlights

    Here are the highlights of the Apple iPad event from January 27th, 2010.

    Apple Event: 01-27-10: The iPad

    iPod update: "Sold our 250 Millionth iPod".

    Retail Store: 284 Retail stores worldwide. Holiday Quarter, over 50 Million visitors

    App Store: over 140,000 applications in the App Store 3 Billionth Application download within around 18 months

    Apple was started in 1976 34 Years later, 15.6 Billion in Revenue Over $50 Billion a year company.

    Revenue is from iPods, iPhones and Macs. Apple is a Mobile Devices company.

    Apple stacks up, largest mobile devices company in the world. Larger than Sony's Mobile devices, Bigger than Samsung's mobile devices, By revenue, bigger than Nokia.

    Apple invented first laptop. It came with TFT screen.

    Apple reinvented the phone with the iPhone.

    Devices between Phones and Macs must be far better at some things.

    Browsing the Web Email Photos Watching Video Enjoying Music collection Playing Games Reading eBooks

    Some thought a Netbook. "Problem is that Netbooks aren't better at anything". "They're just cheap laptops".

    iPad: very thin Customize your own background Browse the web. Best Browsing experience you've ever had. Albums are shown as stacks of photos. Flip through them

    Built-in calendar Built-in Address book Maps that works with "Google's backend".

    iTunes Youtube, including in high-def "Awesome to watch movies"

    Much more intimate than a laptop and more capable than a smartphone.


    Maps: includes street view

    0.5" thin 1.5 pounds 9.7 inch IPS display Full capacitive multi-touch 1GHz Apple A4 Chip. Memory, I/O, Processor, Graphics all in one chip. 16GB - 64GB Flash storage Wifi 802.11N Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR Speaker, Microphone, 30-pin connector, Accelerometer, and Compass 10 hours of Battery life. Over a month of standby

    Enviornemntally Arsenic-free BFR-free Mercury-Free PVC-free system Highly Recyclable


    "Stand on [Amazon's] shoulders and go beyond that" Bookshelf (looks like Delicious library) Portrait will show both pages iBooks Store: Fully integrated with iBooks Rest of the 'publishers' starting on the 27th of January, 2010. 'New' badge shows which items are new. Tapping left goes back, right goes to next page Five fonts to choose from Baskerville, Cochin, Palatino, Times new Roman and Verdana. All come with the ability to change font sizes. Epub Format, most popular open book format in the world.


    Keynote: Runs in landscape orientation can arrange slides in groups Pages:

    Text only in landscape mode auto-wrap around images, even when moving image


    Multiple keyboards available Forms can manipulate tables

    Three completely new applications Each $9.99 compatible with iWork Mac versions Easily Connect to projectors

    WiFi + 3G Two Data Plans:

    250MB of data per month $14.99 Unlimited data $29.99 per month Breakthrough deal with AT&T Free Use of Wifi Hotspots for iPad Wifi + 3G Activated on iPad pre-pay, No contract - cancel anytime

    International deals by June - July iPad 3G models are unlocked Uses new GSM Micro SIMs


    Wifi 16GB $499 Wifi 32GB $599 Wifi 64GB $699

    Wifi+3G 16GB $629 Wifi+3G 32GB $729 Wifi+3G 64GB $829

    Worldwide availability 60 days Wifi + 3G models in 90 days Accessories:

    Dock. Picture Frame with slideshow Keyboard dock. Full size mechanical keyboard Cover: Protection for iPad, stand for stepping and stand for watching movie

    iPad Tech Specs