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    iPhone 3GS review

    I've only had my new iPhone 3GS for a few hours yet I have found the biggest improvement; the new Camera. Below is a comparison of both the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS cameras.


    Both pictures were taken from the same distance from the keyboard. I used both of my ultra-compact iPhone power adapters along with my old iPod Mini as a stand. The second one is so much clearer because of the auto-focus and higher pixel camera. The auto-focus is such a nice feature. I still need to try the video though.


    Can't we get sales figures right?

    These two stories appeared in my RSS Feed this morning:

    Which one is correct?

    So How many were sold? Was it 750,000 or was it a million? Can we get a straight answer from Apple and it's carrier partners or is that too much to ask?