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    Westinghouse LN2610 Review

    I purchased a 26" (25.5" viewable) Westinghouse, model L2610NW from for $249.99 with free shipping. The monitor itself isn't too bad, it works, but there are definitely some issues with it. The biggest issue I have with the monitor is that it seems as though it was very cheaply made.

    When you turn the monitor on, with the speakers muted there is an audible sound emitted from the speakers. Can somebody please explain to me why the speakers should even be making ANY noise when they are muted. It just defies logic.

    The next issue I have is that if you try and turn down the brightness via the monitor an audible hum comes out of the speakers. This just seems like it's wrong. I mean how can turning down the brightness affect the speakers. Just doesn't make any sense.

    The final issue I have is that the native resolution is supposed to be 1920x1200. I cannot, for the life of me, get my computer to display this. When I attempt to adjust the settings via my display preference panel, I end up getting an 'out of Sync' message. Why you may ask. Because the monitor is incorrectly reporting the resolution as 1900x1200@62Hz, not 60Hz like it's supposed to.

    According to Westinghouse's website:

    "Since Westinghouse LCD TVs and Monitors are plug-and-play devices, they do not require any drivers. If your computer is unable to display at the recommended resolution, please check your graphics card to see if it supports the recommended resolution. You can periodically check the graphics card manufacturer's website for any updates."

    Well, people wouldn't have issues if your crap actually worked.

    The monitor itself does work, and it looks good, even when only at 1080p. It is available at for $249.99. I would only recommend buying this monitor if you don't plan on using it above 1080p, and you don't need the internal speakers. The screen real estate provided by this monitor is quite nice though. I'd recommend that either Westinghouse improve their 'monitor' quality, or just stick to making televisions. If you can afford something else, get it. Otherwise, you get what you pay for.