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    Wordpress 2.7

    So I just upgraded to Wordpress 2.7. You can download it here.

    There are a few things to note with this upgrade. You no longer have to manually update Wordpress. There has been some controversy within the development community about why this upgrade isn't called wordpress 3.0. There are major changes with the dashboard, but I like the upgrades and changes. I think it's a much better layout.

    This is the biggest update and most useful thing around. Just being able to automagically do the upgrades will really reduce the hassle for those who are less tech-saavy. This update just made it one of the most viable Content Management Systems around for anybody who wants to have their website hosted and their host has a one-click wordpress install. Version 2.7 is going to start a trend with more sites using wordpress as the backend.

    There is one major thing that I don't like is the fact that the two plugins, Delicious and Google Search widget still refuse to update, yet the other plugins updated without any issue.

    As with the other updates I do, if there's anything that's not working properly, let me know.