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    Monetizing a web application

    I've been working on a webapp for the last few weeks. I haven't come up with a name, website, or even finished the thing yet. I do have a domain, so we'll see how it goes... It's nearing the 1.0 completion. There are still a list of things to do, but it's getting there. I'll post links and the like when I get everything going.

    The big question with the project is where to stop development for the 1.0 release. I don't want to do a beta, that's just ridiculous and it shows that you have no clue where to go with your application. The main item that I'm asking myself is 'What is the best way to monetize it?'. Should I do the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, whereby you give away the software but have people pay for support. Or do I sell the application and the support?

    Let me know by filling out the poll.

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