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    Things that piss me off

    Ok, here's a list of some things that just irritate me to no end.

    1. Those who can't type, or refuse to correct their typing mistakes.
    2. Police expect us to follow rules, yet, then don't themselves. What kind of example is this?
    3. Those who drive 15 over the limit. It's ridiculous, you're being a fucking asshole, end of story.
    4. Those who drive 15 under the limit. It's ridiculous, you're being a fucking asshole, end of story.
    5. The US Government, no explanation needed.
    6. Those who talk out of their ass without any context. Why, just shut the fuck up.
    7. People who blast their music past the necessary levels. Just killing your hearing, and everybody else's.
    8. Those who do not have any commonsense.
    9. People who don't follow simple rules or instructions, yet blame you for them screwing it up.
    10. People who are allowed to stay in their jobs, despite not being qualified. In real business they would be fired.

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    Theory: Apple iPhone Conspiracy

    I was just thinking about it. I think Apple Didn't want to allow 3rd Party developers to write native apps, IE Non-Safari, for the iPhone because they wanted to steal all of the best ideas and "write" (permanently borrow and not tribute) their own versions. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like they might be doing this so that they don't have to think about what apps people want, they can do market research... just an idea...

    I do know that they don't want to compromise the stability of the phone with 3rd party apps, but why not run those in a sandbox?