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    Random Thought

    I was thinking about this after I ordered my MacBook, and it was sent via Fedex out of Memphis. I'm assuming that most companies keep warehouses very close to Memphis, TN of ready to go, in stock products. They would want to do this since the central hub for worldwide distribution of Fedex is in Memphis... just a random thought...

    Sources for this thought, a new macbook, o'hare aiport, seeing planes flying overhead.


    Harry Potter 7

    Ok, the 7th, and final Harry Potter book has been leaked. Now, this is not a big surprise. I have read it, and it's by far, the best of all of the books. Now I'm wondering why all of the books couldn't be this good... I mean, they were good, and I understand all of the information was needed from the past books... but it just seems like the story lines could have been a bit more interesting... but it was a good series...



    Note... this post was a draft and for some reason decided to show up today.... here goes....

    Ok, so I went out yesterday morningThe 30th of June at 7:15 to go the apple store to go and purchase an iPhone. I got there at 8:00 and I was number 4 in line. I ended up buying a 4GB model. I drove home, opened up my iPhone, and activated it within five minutes. The only thing that I had to do was to add the $20 unlimited data plan (which I've already used that much worth). I love the wifi and the excellent audio quality. It is so much better than my old Razr phone. I'm wondering if it's getting more bandwidth than the rest of the phones...

    one of the less than ideal is the speakers on the phone, but they sound better than most other speaker phones. the headphone jack, with the case will not allow regular headphones, but it's not too bad...

    So far I have no complaints, excluding ringtones, which you can't add songs as ringtones... (Update: I know have Custom ringtones after a little bit of trickery).



    I just realized that every idea I come up with at work get suggested by somebody else six months later, and it's heralded as a novel idea that we should do... now why the hell does this happen? I come up with the idea, yet somebody else gets the credit... I don't like this at all...



    I saw Sicko, the newest film to date by Michael Moore... it's a good film, and if that's the current state of our health care, then we're fucked... Every other country has universal health care, yet we're the richest, and we can't afford to do so.... I don't like this prospect....


    Weird Quote

    this guy sitting behind us at dinner said "to kill a mockingbird didn't teach anything about killing mockingbirds, what's up with that".