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    Comments on some recent events

    RE: Virginia Tech Shootings.
    While I understand the tragedy and horror behind this incident, the thing that irritates me is the fact that it is all that all of the news channels seem to be focusing on. Not the fact that there are two Wars going on... the War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan. Those don't matter...

    RE: Don Imus
    Don Imus was fired for making a comment that has never gotten Jesse Jackson in any trouble. If Jesse Jackson said "That white honky cracker of a redneck is driving that car like he's running from the cops". It'd be funny, and nothing would happen to him. so I think Imus was just being a scapegoat for all "shockjocks".



    so, I bought some new memory for my iMac, since I want to be able to run Parallels efficiently. And well... it would've been nice if I could've done so... one of the memory sticks that I bought is no good... so I have to return them tomorrow and get a replacement.


    Stories of the Week

    It's been 4 weeks since I posted any stories of the Week... so I have posted some more... check them out here