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    so, my car window got smashed again yesterday, no idea how, no idea why. The officer, who happened to be the same person that came out last time, says it was a bebe gun. I dont' know, but oh well nothing I can do about it.

    Secondly, a thing that bugs me is that people call the New IPod, the "Video IPod", when in all actuality it's not the "Video IPod". It's an IPod that plays Video as well as music. There's no way that the current IPod with Video would be considered the "Video IPod", because the battery life is entirely too short. only 2 hours while watching Video, how is that suitable as a video IPod... its' not... so just call it an IPod that can play video.


    Sox Win

    Sox just won the world series, They swept the Astros 4 - 0, while winning in Minute Maid Stadium... Final Score: 1 to 0.



    Well it's 1:01, and the cable has been out for over 15 minutes now... and the sox game was still on... all I have now is audio, and no video... it's not that I'm really interested in sporst, but I wanted to see the end of the game... we take for granted what we have, and when we dont' have it, we finally realize what we have.... Top of the 14th right now....



    the thing I never understood about movies and tv shows, is when they go to burn something by pouring gasoline on it, why do they always use an entire book of matches? wouldn't one match accomplish the same thing with minimal waste?


    October 17th

    It's been 8 years since Jen Allie and Jen occurred.... Dede, who I went to highschool with for Freshman Year... died a couple weeks ago... very sad.... I still can't believe it's been that long.... I think the total of those who have died while in school, or classmates who have passed after school are:

    • Jeff Still             February 25, 1997 *

    • Jenni Lynn Anderson    October 17, 1997

    • Allie Matzdorf         October 17, 1997

    • Jennifer Roberts       October 17, 1997

    • Erin Dennis            January 1999

    • George Terrazas        January 29, 1999

    • Krishna Bharadwaj      April 16, 1999

    • Kari Loder             August 2000

    • Matt Laurich           April 8, 2002 *

    • Michael E. Van Dyke    August 28, 2005

    • Dede Woytowych         September 29, 2005

    If anybody has either Kari Loder's or Erin Dennis' information, let me know. Or if there's somebody else that should be on the list.

    I'll post about work and school tomorrow.

    * means they were a teacher.



    Well Apple released the Video Ipod a couple days ago, on Wednesday, in case anybody didn't know... so there's been an update to the Itunes software, it's now at Version 6, that supports Videos. Currently there are only 5 different shows on ITunes for purchase. They are as follows:

    • Desperate Housewives

    • Lost

    • Night Stalker

    • The Suite Life

    • That's So Raven

    And, I have since downloaded only Night Stalker, seeing as though I've already seen All of the Dsperate Housewives episodes. And My brother has purchased Lost, because he missed an episode. My brother also purchased a Video Ipod.... 60 Gigabyte Black. Which is what I plan to purchase for myself come next spring... Maybe at the point they will have 80 gig ones... we'll see...

    The quality of the video is not the same that you can procure off of torrent sites. But it's not meant to be...

    The shows are $1.99 per episode... so it is actually cheaper to purchase an entire season off of ITunes than it is to purchase the DVD set. The best part of the episodes on ITunes is that you can get them the day after they are shown on Television.... interesting way that Steve Jobs has done this....



    Ok, so today hasn't been good... I got up, took a shower and was getting ready to go to work, head out to my car... and the drivers' side window is broken.... so I have no called the police, borrowed money to pay for a replacement window, Called work and let them know that I may not be in today and I am waiting for the police to show up.... wonder how long it will take them to get here....