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    excellent quote

    "...even if you're enough of a cunt to steal from a charity raffle, don't be fucktarded enough to steal a phone from a community of phone experts."

    this quote is from this story here


    Driving To Work

    Women who drive minivans should be taken off of the road, they are always in a hurry and do not follow the rules of the road, nor the speed limit. I was on McCoy nearing the Kane County line, where it merges down to one lane. Traffic merges left into my lane. This woman in her minivan decided to try and pass me because she didn't want to wait. I was doing the speed limit, because the A-Po are notorious for stopping people on McCoy, and she switches lanes to the right lane and speeds up, and doesn't seem to care, so I kept going and she almost hit my car, idiot. So she had to wait, too bad for her, and she was only going to the Hometown Sub division, isn't not like she was going into downtown Aurora, I bet she's never even been down there. "I don't want to get shot", is most people's response.


    Movin' Out (The Musical)

    I got an e-mail today from Movin' Out mailing list, saying they're going to stop showing Movin' Out on Broadway. Kinda sad... but while looking at today, I found out they're coming to Chicago, so I've decided that I'm going to see it in June or July of Next year... yes, for those who really know me, I don't usually want to see musicals... but this has Billy Joel music, so it can't be that bad.


    For the geeks only

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    The 10 Geek CMDments 2005-08-14 02:42:36
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    1. Thou shalt not append trendy names to shit that already exists in an attempt to remarket it. (i.e. - podcast)
    2. Thou shalt not bitch about windows if you are reading this from a windows machine.
    3. Thou shalt not drink beer on a couch in the beginning of a vidcast unless your name is kevin rose, dan huard or alex albrecht. ...and even then, thou shalt be subject to ridicule and slapping at random.
    4. Thou shall admit that linux is only good for bragging rights and elitism.
    5. Thou shall buy a $4000 gaming rig to play the two good games that come out this year before the third game is released, which renders your rig obsolete.
    6. Thou shall buy a $2000 computer to surf the web. Everyone knows you'll need all that processing power to handle the virii, spyware and trojans you'll be hosting.
    7. Thou shall scour rss feeds to find topics for your podcast rather than actually participating in any forums, conferences or other means of actually gathering news on your own.
    8. Thou shalt not brag about stealing movies, not because it's illegal... but because my mom has WinMX too.
    9. Thou shalt not digg anything you've read on freshnews. We all read freshnews. Just stop.
    10. Thou shalt not buy an ipod as an accesory to your daily fashion, but only because it's a good mp3 player with acceptable battery life.

    NOTE: We are guilty of at least one of the above. The key is to remember these rules as general guidelines, rather than aspiring to be guilty of all of them.


    Interesting Thoughts

    I've been pondering some thoughts,

    "Those who show no fear, have the most fear"
    "Those who don't share are the most giving"
    "Those that are emotionless show the most emotion"



    I was on my way home today, at the corner of Long Grove and Ogden, we had the green light, out of nowhere comes a guy on a bike, I had to slam on my brakes to make sure I didn't hit him. moron. Also, when I went to cash a check I wanted the money put into my account, of course they couldn't do that, they gave me the money, I specifically had written down, per the instructions, to add the check to my checking account... oh well...

    As for work, I had to run out to our West branch twice today, I started there and then had to go back because of some problems.... that's always fun...

    that's about it for today, I did manage to clean out some stuff I meant to take out a few weeks back tonight, but it's still no where close to being clean. I also filled up the air in the tires... 3 of them were pretty low... one extremely low... I still need an oil change... Thursday maybe

    School starts next Wednesday, 4 hours of class time, 6:30 - 10:20.. I still need to read more of the book...



    I was listening to the KFI's Tech Guy podcast #168, and he mentioned this, now owned by Yahoo, that allows widgets, or little programs within this larger program.. it's interesting... I found a few widgets I'm going to use. It's free, so try it.


    CCNA Intro Exam

    Well I did pass my INTRO exam, it was easier than I thought, yet I didn't do as well I had hoped, I only got a score of 860 out of 1000, while 825 is needed to pass... wonder where I went wrong... oh well, I passed, I guess that's all that matters.