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    Work and such

    Well, I'm sitting here at work trying to figure out what to do. At one point there were only two people sitting in here. Although it is relatively quiet, so that is good, but there's still nothing to do. As, Jewel will be able to attest to once she comes in tomorrow.

    tomorrow is may 1st, where the hell have the last four months gone, I mean really... wasn't it just january like yesterday. I've been sick for the past few days, not like deathly ill, but sick enough to
    the point where I don't really feel like doing anything but sitting at home.

    I guess I could be working on a monthly report for my boss, but I haven't really done anything that spectacular this month. Yeah, I implemented USB Drives at Eola, but whoopy do, it's not like I invented time travel or anything.



    My car was egged sometime today, I'm pretty sure it was between 7:00 am and 1:30pm today, I'm unsure of who did it, but of course i've already cleaned it off of my car.


    Broken Computer Parts

    I know I haven't posted in almost a week, but I've been busy, and haven't had much to post.... But I found out today that my mouse that I bought a little over 4 months ago has decided to stop working... I haven't even used it that much... I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to buy a new green one or not.. I'll decide that tomorrow. Thoughts?


    Class and Work.

    Well on tonight's quiz I got an 88.6. not too bad, not above 90% like I would like, but it'll do.

    work today I had to swap out a motherboard on two computers, and one computer is now working better (The motherboard that wasn't working before), while the other is not running well at all (The one that actually did work before). I'm wondering if there's another issue going on.


    My Computer

    Well I've got my computer up and running with Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2. I'm attempting to find a 64-bit version of it, but I don't know if I'll find one. we'll see... if I have to, I'll wait until the 64-bit version comes out.



    Here are the specifications of my computer:

    • Case: Chieftec Matrix Mid-tower Case, Green

    • CD-RW: Artec Green 52x24x52 EIDE

    • DVD-ROM: Artec Green 16x EIDE

    • Hard Drive: Seagate 200GB Serial ATA 1.5GBps

    • Floppy Drive: Teac Green 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy Drive

    • Keyboard: Aspire Multimedia Keyboard Green

    • Mouse: Aspire Optical Mouse Green

    • Motherboard: DFI Lanparty Nforce4 Ultra-D

    • LAN: Dual Gigabit 1000 Mbps adapters

    • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939 3200+

    • Power Supply: Ultra X-Connect 500 W Titanium Green Limited Edition

    • Memory: 2- PNY 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz

    • Video Card: BFG GeForce 6200 / 256MB DDR / PCI Express / DVI / TV-Out / Video Card


    My New Computer

    Well, I bought all of the parts for my computer and I have the thing built, however I cannot get windows installed because it turns out that the 24-pin power supply cord for my power supply is faulty, I have to wait until they send me a new power supply cable in order to actually use my computer. I think I'm going to buy a 20-24 pin connector tomorrow in order to be able to use my computer, and then i'll put the new cable in, once I get it. I'll post the specs on my computer tomorrow.



    Well I got my re-imbursement check from going to Washington, D.C... right now I'm planning on spending it on a computer for myself... I have a list of the parts I want, however, I'm wondering whether or not to just wait and get a laptop instead?

    Ideas? Laptop or Desktop?



    QUiz from Khmer's blog....

    Here's my Results:

    You scored as agnosticism. You are an agnostic. Though it is generally taken that agnostics neither believe nor disbelieve in God, it is possible to be a theist or atheist in addition to an agnostic. Agnostics don't believe it is possible to prove the existence of God (nor lack thereof).

    Agnosticism is a philosophy that God's existence cannot be proven. Some say it is possible to be agnostic and follow a religion; however, one cannot be a devout believer if he or she does not truly believe.



















    Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
    created with


    well... on today's quiz I got an 88%, I thought I did better... but I guess not.... on another note... here's another weird thing....

    how is a boxed Socket 939 64-bit 3200+ cost less than an OEM 64-bit Socket 939 3200+?