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May 1, 2023
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May 13, 2023

4077: An Unofficial M*A*S*H Trivia Game 1.2.0 Now Available

Cover for the book 'Destructive Reasoning' by Scott Meyer

The surgeons behind the game have been busy and have had added some new features for you. The biggest addition is questions for Season 2 are now here. This brings the total number of questions to 1,202 for both seasons 1 and 2. Along with the questions, a character has been added to the Duty Roster, Lieutenant Kelleye. She was inadvertently missed amongst the people who were in the most episodes.

There have been some scrapes and bruises that have been bandaged up too. Most notably supporting character names are now consistent. We have also made some minor tweaks to make things a bit easier, particularly no longer using acronyms in many cases, especially when referring to military ranks. Questions and answers are now consistent with the following ranks:

  • Colonel instead of Col.
  • Major instead of Maj.
  • Captain instead of Capt.
  • Private instead of Pvt.
  • General instead of Gen.
  • Lieutenant instead of Lt.

Along with expanding the ranks, we fixed some other abbreviations to be consistent. These changes include:

  • P.A. for Public Announcement
  • O.R. for Operating Room
  • V.D. for Venereal Disease

You can now send an email to support. This is done via the "About" screen. Lastly, support for the latest Macs and iPads has been added too.