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    Book Updates

    I've spent some time updating a couple of my e-books.

    First, the Xbox One: From the Original Xbox to the Xbox One is now on version 1.3. This version includes many new features, including the recent reversal by Microsoft regarding the Xbox One always-on requirement as well as the used game policies.


    Additionally, The iBooks version is now available for purchase from Apple. You can also purchase the book from Amazon.

    Playstation 4: What We Know Thus Far

    The PlayStation 4: What We Know Thus Far has also been updated. It is at version 1.1. In this version is additional information from the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) presentation that Sony gave. This is available on iTunes as well as Amazon.

    I am still waiting for the Xbox One and PS4 e-books to be published to the Google Play store. Once this has been done, I will submit another update.