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Thoughts on Today's Arizona Incident

I generally do not put my thoughts on politics on my blog, but today's shooting and assassinations, yes they fucking assassinations, bother me. Why you may ask. Well, we'll get into that in a minute. First a bit of a background, as it stands now. Arizona 8th District Representative gabrielle Giffords was attending a meet and greet, called 'Congress on Your Corner', in her own district where constituents can get real face to face time with their repesentative. This, in among itself, should be required for ALL members of congress regardless of longevity. Getting actual representatives to voice their complaints and actually be able to express their wishes and feel as though they are actually making a difference.

Approximately 10 minutes into the meet and greet the suspected gunman, Jared Loughner, began opening fire on the crowd. According to reports he was using a 9mm glock pistol with a clip that could hold 30 shells. He struck Representative Giffords in the head and killed several others.

Congresswoman Giffords has several things going for her. First she is the only congressperson married to an Military person who is on active duty. Secondly, she managed to win as a Democrat within a Conservative district.

Now, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but it is rather suspicious. Representative Giffords is on a list of 20 individuals who voted for the Health Care bill that are in districts that were carried in 2008 by Senator John McCain. Below is the graphic of the other 19 individuals on the list.

Palin Target Map

The title is "It's Time to Take A Stand". This in itself is harmless. However, if you look at the graphic you will see that each person on the list is represented by a bulls-eye with a cross through it, just like on a scope.

This could just be a coincidence, however given the stance of the Republicans and Tea Party regarding the National Rifle Association it makes perfect sense. The second portion is a quote by Palin

Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: "Don't Retreat, Instead - RELOAD!"…

Here is an image of the Twitter Post, which has since been removed. However, due to the nature of the Internet it will live on forever.

Palin Reload

Don't Retreat, Instead Reload. Hmm… does that mean take up arms and take vigilante justice into your own hands? Again, look at the link between The Conservatives and Tea Party and the NRA. Again, Coincidence? Possibly.

I am all for allowing somebody to express their own opinions and beliefs. I have no problem with people doing this in a peaceful, even if argumentative, manner. What one says is protected by the First Amendment. Nobody can silence what one says, at least not legally.

Despite this legal right, I do not believe as though Violence should ever be considered an 'Answer' for anything. Sorry, I am a pacifist. Fuck it, I'm not sorry. I am a pacifist. I believe as though diplomacy can be used for any situation. I do not believe in violence. In spite of this belief, if somebody were to attack me on my land you damn well better believe I would defend myself and stand and take any punishment. I do not actively go out and seek violence for violence sake. Nor do I go out and seek violence to make a point. To me, violence is just a mechanism of last resort that the uncontrolled resort to because they do not know what else to do to release their anger.

On the subject of opinions. Everybody is entitled to one. However, do not give me a load of bullshit and tell me it's roses. Do not come up with your idea and finding justification to support your idea all the while ignoring FACT. Facts ALWAYS win. Belief is not enough when there are facts to support your cause.

Many people can be swayed on topics if presented with facts and evidence to back up said topic/argument. This is the way to win people over, not by forcing violence on them.

What does today's incident mean in the long run. Well, first off a Federal Judge was killed. Whether it was intended or not, it has occurred. Initial reports pointed to Representative Giffords being killed, however these turned out to be false and she was just in critical condition undergoing surgery to remove the bullet in her head. So, there has not been an assassination of a Representative or Senator since 1968 when Robert F. Kennedy was killed.

I believe due to the association with Representative Giffords with the Palin 'Target list' that Palin's chances of being included on the primary ballot or even the actual ballot for next year is drastically reduced to the point of almost Zero. Why you may wonder. Quite simple, nobody, not even the Republicans will support a candidate that could even remotely be tied to such an incident as today's. This may ultimately be the end of the road for Palin's Political Career in the United States, but only time can ultimately tell what will occur regarding Palin's future. Let us all hope it does not include more reality shows, we sure don't need those.

This incident has also shattered the political world. Many politicians are wondering if they will be safe enough to back to their home districts to attend their meet and greets. This is truly a sad day for US Politics.

The one thing that I do believe is that this incident has forever changed America. This is not on par with the Incidents of 9/11, however this is nothing less than Terrorism, and on our own home soil. This is truly a sad day for America and our requirement for taking action instead of realizing that we are all fallible and are not perfect. Our arrogant thoughts that "I don't need help" will ultimately be our society's downfall.

If you have any thoughts regarding today's incident or the current state of United States Politics please leave them in the comments below.