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    Long Term Thinking Flaws.

    These are purely my own flaws and thoughts.

    I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do and where I want to go, long term. And I got to thinking, long term, I always seem to be thinking long term, not really short term, not really mid-term, but long term. Everything in the future, never the present. I know this is completely different than most others, and I'm not entirely sure why I take this type of view over any other, nor do I know exactly how I managed to develop this viewpoint.

    The goofy thing about the whole thing is that I have also noticed that I tend to know where things are going to end up, given the evidence. Let me show you an example. Now, I usually don't write about work much, but in this case it's pertinent.

    The City of Aurora built a fiber network to replace the one that they've been leasing from Comcast. Seeing as, at the time we had only a single 1.5Mbps T-1 lines between our Main Library and each of our three buildings, the city putting in fiber was going to boost that percentage up 666% to 1Gbps. This type of bandwidth is completely unimaginable without spending a ton of money a month than most non-profits would be able to afford.

    As soon as I found out that we, the library, were in the city's plan for fiber, I already knew where we were going to end up, what were we going to be able to do, and what we were going to be able to change and consolidate.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I do think about short-term items, and can easily focus on short-term tasks and even mid-term projects and the like, but I guess I'm just more of an end-goal type of person.

    The biggest downside to being an end-goal person is the fact that you can easily get discouraged when things start to become a bit to daunting in the short-term, it's difficult to pull back and look at the long-term again. Since you're not used to the issues that come up with short-term problems.

    I don't know, I could be entirely wrong, it's been known to happen.