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    Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper has decided to use the fame of 'Chocolate Rain' to create a Diet Chocolate Cherry Dr. Pepper. Here's the video

    Now, as for people thinking this is fake, I assure you, it's not. Here are two photos showing the proof.


    Simpsons Game

    So I have purchased, played, and beaten the Simpsons Wii game.. There were some levels (Like Donut one), that sucked major, but overall it wasn't a bad game as long as you don't try and get everything the first go around... One thing I do like is the ability to go ahead and replay an episode. So you can go and get all of the extra things. One disappointing thing is that the gameplay between the versions (Xbox360, Playstation3, and Wii) do not match up. The Wii version doesn't allow an open area of play, like the 360 version does... odd... and there aren't the same levels between the two versions. There are many of the same levels, but there are some that aren't. I would recommend it to anybody who likes adventure/first person shooter/simpsons. It's definitely not "Hit & Run" but fun none-the-less.


    My Experience with Leopard

    So I've had Leopard for almost a week now, and I've only installed it on my iMac. I had originally installed onto an external hard drive, just to verify that all of my programs would work, and most of them did. One of the major programs that did not work was Talkshoe. Almost every other program has worked. XCode is excluded, since there's an updated Leopard version, which I haven't yet installed.

    To see a rant on the supposed "Mac OS X Trojan F.U.D" head over to