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    So I bought a brand spanking new Intel Core 2 Duo iMac with 128MB ATI Radeon x1600 graphics (dedicated), 1GB of RAM and 250GB Hard Drive...


    No Stories of the Week

    I didn't post any stories of the week, this week, since I was looking at Macs, which I am going to be buying one on Friday... Still haven't decided between a Mac Mini and an iMac, but I'm leaning towards the iMac...


    No Title for this Post

    So I just spent another good chunk of change at Kohls... on top of last week's purchases.

    Here's the run down:

    1 New pair of work shoes
    1 New pair of gym shoes
    3 New pairs of work pants
    2 New T-shirts
    3 New Pairs of Jeans

    So I bought some new stuff....


    Stories of the Week

    I've posted this week Stories of the Week for March, 11th, 2007. Check them out here


    Interesting Class

    So I went to school tonight, which truly would have been a complete waste of time, but it was a really good class... all we talked about was IT & China, and did some work, but not much... it's pretty funny... the stories that were told... but overall it wasn't bad...



    So I bought the Griffin iTrip and if you're looking for a device that actually works with your car and your iPod, and has decent quality and reception, then it's the thing to buy. It works a lot better than my last iTrip, which stopped working... this also has a built in charger....Click Here for details.