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    Stories of the Week

    I've posted this week Stories of the Week for January 28th, 2007. Check them out here


    Windows Vista

    So I ordered my copy of Windows Vista Ultimate OEM Version for $199 from Newegg.... I'm probably going to install it next weekend once it arrives. I was going to buy the full retail version, but for $200 less I can always buy another OEM copy later... I'll let you know what I think of it, once I install it.... so I'll have a full review within the next couple of weeks.

    Additionally I'll eventually be buying Microsoft Office 2007 using my student discount at some point in the not too distant future... I'm not sure what version of Office yet, but I'll figure it out


    A bit odd perhaps?

    Does anybody else find this image a bit odd? I mean, why would Myspace be advertising a show from NBC, when Myspace is owned by NewsCorp, which owns fox?


    Stories of the Week

    I've posted this week Stories of the Week for January 21st, 2007. Check them out here


    Conversation of Life

    Just a conversation that somebody and I had a few minutes ago...

    [10:05:12 PM] Wayne: I don't know, only you can determine where you might like to go, although where you end up, is where you're supposed to end up...
    [10:07:19 PM] Wayne: you don't have a choice in where you end up, the big things in life are set for you, it's the little thing that you can control
    [10:07:29 PM] Sarah: yea
    [10:07:29 PM] Wayne: but the little things ultimately control the big things
    [10:07:33 PM] Sarah: yea
    [10:07:47 PM] Wayne: so the choices you make, you make them because you're supposed to make them
    [10:08:00 PM] Wayne: not because you want to necessarily make them, although sometimes you do
    [10:08:44 PM] Sarah: but i dont no nearly as much as u
    [10:09:11 PM] Wayne: oh, but you'll learn
    [10:10:13 PM] Sarah: yea
    [10:10:16 PM] Sarah: i hope
    [10:11:56 PM] Wayne: oh you will... you learn whether or not you realize it...
    [10:12:02 PM] Wayne: with everything you experience, you learn
    [10:12:30 PM] Wayne: you learn what works, what doesn't, you learn how two things fit together, how things don't
    [10:13:00 PM] Wayne: you learn all of the lessons of life... the good, the bad, and the indifferent


    MacWorld San Francisco 2007

    MacWorld San Francisco

    Mac, over Half of all Macs Sold are new Mac owners

    over 2 billion songs sold
    350 TV Shows, 1.3 million sold

    Paramount Videos added to iTunes, over 100 Movies to over 250 movies offered now, over the next week
    new ads for ipods

    Apple TV (iTV)
    wirelessly trasmit content to tv
    Looks the same as back in September
    Can use Video, TV shows, Podcasts, Music, or Photos
    720p HD Video
    40GB Hard Drive, 50 hours of video
    802.11B+G, Draft N
    Auto-Sync from One PC
    Stream Content from up to 5 pc
    Sync directly with iTunes
    Can use apple remote
    Heroes TV Show
    Shipping February, taking orders now

    Jobs has been Looking forward to this day for 2 1/2 Years
    Widescreen iPod with Touch Controls
    Revolutionary Mobile Phone
    Breakthrough Internet Communications Device
    All in one Device called iPhone

    Apple Reinventing the Phone

    Revolutionary UI
    - Interplay of Hardware and Software
    - Problems with Regular Phones
    - Buttons are the same
    - Controls static
    - Can't change down the Road
    - Solved 20 years ago
    - Bitmap Screen
    - Pointing Device
    - Uses Finters
    - Works like Magic
    - Far More Accurate
    - No Stylus
    - Ignores unintended touches
    - Patented!!!!
    - Regular Smartphones, Baby software
    - 5 Years ahead of any phone
    - Runs OS X
    - Syncing
    - Power Management
    - Security
    - Multi-tasking
    - graphics
    - audio
    - cocoa
    - core animaation
    Desktop Class Applications
    Sync with iTunes
    - Same as all iTunes
    - Contacts
    - Calendar
    - Bookmarks
    - Email Accounts
    - Notes
    - Charge & Sync

    - 3.5" Screen
    - 160pixels per inch
    - 1 Button, home button
    - 11.6mm
    - Ring/Silent
    - 2MP Camera
    - 3.5mm
    - SimCard
    - Sleep/Wake Button
    - Speaker
    - Microphone
    - 30 pin iPod Connector
    Proximity Sensor
    - Turns off Display, Touch Sensor
    - Save Battery
    Ambient Light Sensor
    - Adjust brightness
    - better User Experience
    - Portrait / Landscape

    Touch Your Music
    Widscreen Video
    Gorgeous Album Art
    Built in Speaker
    Cover Flow

    Scroll with Finger
    Finger allows flipping of album art to slong list
    Cover Flow is landscape
    Album View will show thumbnail
    All Videos are Landscape.
    Double-tap will alternate between widescreen and full screen.

    Reinvent the Phone
    Kill App - Making Calls
    - most people use recents as address book
    - use contacts like never before
    - Visual Voicemail
    - Random Access Voicemail
    - Choose the Voicemail that you can choose
    - Quadband GSM+EDGE
    - Wifi Bluetooth+EDR
    Conference calls, up to 3 people
    List of Favorites for most called
    Recent Calls
    - Missed Calls in Red
    - Random Access voicemails

    - Multiple Session SMS
    - iChat Style chat window

    - 2 Megapixel Camera
    - Coolest Photo Management
    - Library, with scrolling
    - Album, Swipe to change
    - Allows swapping between Portrait and Landscape...
    - Photo stretching with the "pinch"
    - Can choose to make it your wallpaper

    Internet Communications Device
    - Rich html Email
    - any imap and pop3 email
    - safari web browser
    - first fully usable html browser on phone
    - google maps
    - satellite images
    - traffic
    - directions
    - Widgets
    - Weather
    - stocks
    - OVer Edge & Wifi
    - Automatically switches to WiFi

    Yahoo Mail!
    - 250 Million Users
    - privode free "push" imap email to all Iphone Customers, same as Blackberry
    .Mac Mail
    MS Exchange

    Google Gmail
    AOL Mail
    Most ISPs

    Inline photos
    inline phone numbers
    - can call straight from phone
    - Split View allowed
    Standard email
    Full Desktop Class Mail on a mobile

    Safari on iPhone
    shrunk down website, whole website
    Put into landscape mode if you want
    Zoom capability...
    Multiple web pages can be open simultaneously

    Stocks Widget
    Weather Widget
    Google Maps
    - List of starbucks
    - Look at that particular places
    - Double tap to zoom in
    - Satellite Images on the fly
    The internet in your pocket

    Google Search & Google Maps integrated as the default search
    Yahoo Search is a choice as well.

    While playing music, if you receive a phone call, it will automatically fade. You have the ability to send Email while on the phone. Once the phone call is over, you can return back to the music, where you left off

    Accessories for iPhone
    - Stereo Headphones
    - microphone and a switch, push it together to hang up or pickup a phone call
    - Bluetooth headphone, one button on the top. Automatically pairs with iPhone.

    Battery Life
    - 5 Hours, talk/browsing, or Video
    - 16 Hours of Audio Playback

    Power Management
    OS X
    Feather Weight
    Precision Enclosure
    3 Advanced Sensors
    Desktop Class
    Widescreen Video iPod
    Over 200 Patents

    Your Life in your Pocket

    4 GB: $499
    8 GB: $599
    Available in June '07
    Europe Q4 '07
    Asia in 2008
    Exclusive partner with Cingular in the US. Multi-year exclusive partnership, with more to come...

    That's it... So I'll probably be buying an iPhone in June, most likely the 8GB model.

    Kid on Christmas

    so I just realized I'm like a kid on Christmas eve, awaiting all of the presents Santa Jobs will present tomorrow at Mac World Expo: SF... I'll give a recap tomorrow


    Consumer Electronics Show Keynote: Bill Gates

    So I was just watching the stream of the Keynote from Microsoft's Bill Gates from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas... Here are the notes

    - Searching across all vista computers
    - Plug Xbox controllers into Vista PC, and play games
    - Live Search, 3D fly through

    Office 2007
    - New layout, with ribbons, more features available for users
    - Simultaneous Release of Office 2007 & Vista

    Media Center in Vista
    - Watch & record HD Television
    - Sports Lounge - Microsoft & Fox Sports

    - 2 Billion photos taken last year
    - Photo gallery ~ edit and manage photos & videos.
    - DVD Maker - built in

    Ultimate ~ Flagship Edition
    - Extras
    - Group Shot
    - Allows the combonation of several pictures to be made

    into one.
    - Dream Scene
    - Full motion Desktop
    - Set Video as Desktop Background

    1.5 million devices supported in Vista
    - Baackup
    - Video
    - DVD

    - Gadgets
    - Search API
    - Visulization, DirectX 10
    - Windows Presentation Foundation

    Touch Screens
    Media Center

    Vista PCs

    Ultra Mobile
    - Medion
    - Toshiba
    - Acer
    - Voodoo
    - Alienware
    - Dell
    - Dell
    - Monoreal
    - Sony

    Windows Home Server
    - Homes, Multiple PCs, xboxs
    Storage available at all times
    2nd Half 2007
    HP Media Smart Server
    Automated Backup
    - Remote connectivity
    - no need to talk about volumes
    - Quite a bit of expandability
    - Move data around in order to remedy drive issues
    - Terabytes on the device
    - AMD, Intel
    - Great Simplicity

    Connected Entertainment
    - Entertainment, whenever, whereever they want
    - community, share content & ideas
    - Needs HW/ SW & Service

    - continuing to be commited to it. 350 Partners around the

    - Zune Media Player
    - Ship & Sell 1 million copies of zune

    Mobility & Mobile Phones
    - Calls
    - Emails
    - IM
    Connected Entertianment on the Phone

    driving for Windows Mobile
    - outsells blackberry

    - 200 Million Gamers
    - #1 Gaming Platform
    - More Powerful with DirectX 10
    - Easier to use, simple
    - Safer with family settings
    - Hardcore Gamers, Casual Gamers
    - Growing Market
    - Desktop, on the Go
    - Xbox 360
    10.4 million
    37 countries
    160 HD Games
    - Gears of War: 2.7 million copies, Halo Like franchise.
    - 300+ Titles end of the year...
    - GTA 4, Mass Affect, DDR, Guitar Hero.
    - Halo 3.
    Xbox Live
    - 5 Million Members
    - Expand Community
    - Take it to a whole new level
    - Windows/Windows Vista, Bring Windows to Xbox 360

    Live on Windows (Xbox live)
    - Just like Xbox 360 Live, compatabile with Vista
    - Applies to both Hard Core Games and Casual Games
    - Live on the Live Service,Summer '07
    - 3 Billion hours of gaming

    TV & Movies
    - HDTVs were the thing to buy
    - 4 Ways to get HD Movies
    - HD-DVD Player, xbox 360.
    - HD-DVD Format top selling

    • Media Center
      • 80% of PCs sold as Media Center
      • 30 Million world wide.
      • network with XBOX 360, all experience you want.
      • from media center streamed to 360
      • Media Center Extender

      • Xbox Live Video
      • 1000 hours of content
      • Adding Lionsgate

      • IPTV
      • In Market,
      • AT&T
      • BT
      • DeutscheTelekon
      • SwissTelecom
      • Major part of delivery over the next 4 years
      • Available on Xbox 360
      • Available Holiday 2007

        More choices from consumers
        take content whenever where
        share it with their friends

        Give connected experiences 24/7
        not sure about during sleep times

        Connecting in the Car
      • simple
      • incredibly simple, safe commands
      • People spend hour and a half in their car

        New Sync
      • fully voice-activated
      • totally integrates, all electronics
      • cell phones
      • zuines
      • ipods
      • seamlessly
      • access to full capability of your phone
      • never having to download your phone book
      • every personalized setting
      • place, receive calls
      • maintain entering and exiting vehichle
      • text messages read to them
      • translates emoticons and the like
      • ability to be full entertainment platform
      • most USB storage devices
      • flash & zip drives
      • Uses Windows Auto Software
      • Roll it out quickly on a dozen ford products in 2007
      • Including Ford Edge & Crossover
      • Improve, capability, appeal, and value to vehicles

        Moving Forward in years ahead 4 or 5 years
      • Use voice to interface with PC
      • ability to have a camera to do face recognition
      • microsoft home of the future, new version
      • Knows information about you
      • Special offers
      • coupons, and store that away and use later
      • Browse menu and like
      • View through camera, delivery of package
      • Kitechen: Projecting images onto a surface
      • Uses RFID, and brings up ingredients
      • Brings up Recipie

      • Change screen if you want, to do whatever you'd like to.
      • Control from Ultra Mobile PC.

    MacWorld San Francisco 2007 Rumors

    The Keynote is at 9am PST on Tuesday, January 9th, in SanFrancisco... this is an hour earlier than normal...

    Ok, here are the rumors thus far:

    Rumor 1: An Apple iPhone

    Specifications 1: Kevin Rose
    - January launch date on all carriers
    - Extremely small form factor
    - Two batteries
    - Two Models: 4GB for $249, 8GB for $449
    - Slide-out keyboard.
    - Possibly touchscreen

    Specifications 2:
    - Two Models: 4Gb for $599, 8GB for $649
    - Wider than the iPod nano, yet thinner than the iPod Video
    - Made of Metal
    - Muliple Colors, but at least black, white, silver
    - Claims Cingular is likely US carrier.
    - Virtual Clickwheel
    - Full screen LCD (3.5 inch)

    Specifications 3:
    - 3-megapixel Camera.
    - 2.2 inch display
    - Complete iTunes/iPod integration.
    - Strictly GSM/EDGE
    - Apple asking carriers to not subsidize the price of the phone

    Rumor 2: True video iPod
    There are too many to list.... however here's the basics
    - Full Screen
    - Touch Screen, on screen scroll wheel
    - Larger Capacticy? I don't see why not, with the increase of storage capacities...
    100GB would be my guess is that it would have this one...

    Rumor 3: Increase in .MAC storage
    There's a video floating out there, here. I'm not sure if this is true or not... we'll see...

    Rumor 4: Mac Pro Upgrade
    Possible update of the MacPros to include the Intel Quad Core processors... meaning 8 cores for processing with the MacPro.

    Rumor 5: Mac Mini upgrade
    - Possible upgrade to the Core 2 Duo, versus the Core Duo it currently has

    Rumor 6: Blu-Ray addition
    - Possibility of adding Blu-ray support to the Mac Lineup

    Rumor 7: New iSight Camera
    - Apple stopped selling the iSight camera, and the only way to get it is in the laptops... so a new one?

    Rumor 8: New Displays
    - Possible refresh of the displays, including 32" display or possibly 37" display.
    - Rumored 50" display.

    Rumor 9: Thin 12" MacBook Pro
    - There used to be a 12" powerbook model, but that was dropped, so could they be replacing it with a 12" macbook pro?

    Rumor 10: Mac Tablet
    - Least likely, since Steve Jobs doens't like the idea of a Tablet

    Releases we'll most likely see:
    iLife '07
    iWork '07
    - Which might include a spreadsheet application

    More Information released
    iTV (name will be changed) But this is Apple's Wireless streaming devices...
    - Small Hard drive for cache
    - HDMI connector
    - RCA audio
    - Component Output
    - 802.11n Wireless
    - No power brick, internal power
    - USB 2.0
    - Ethernet
    - Digital Audio output
    - Works with the Apple Remote
    - Front Row-like interface
    - Works with iTunes PC and Mac
    - $299

    Next version of their operating system OS X: Leopard
    - Includes TimeMachine, a new feature that allows automatic backup of files.


    Stories of the Week

    I've posted this week Stories of the Week for January 7th, 2007. Check them out here