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    Funny Line

    "Where the hell did the year go?"
    "it's around".

    Funny shit



    The Comments are whacked... it's not displaying the proper order for the comments... luckily none of them have been deleted... I've looked that the support site and done what they said.. but it's still not working... oh well... there should be an update soon...

    I'll let you know when the comments are fixed.... if they get fixed.


    Da Boat

    So the 'rents and I went to the Boat... and I ended up leaving with 157... not bad for going there with about 77... so I doubled my money.... I can't argue... it's always fun to go, so I can't complain about leaving with some money....


    Second CCNA Certification Test

    Well I signed up for the second part of my CCNA Certification test... It's June 5th at 2:00 pm at NIU's Naperville campus. So Now I have to do some studying for it... we'll see how that goes...


    Bowling Again

    Tonight Jen, Ken, their friend Mike and I all went bowling... I got there about 9:45 and bowled 3 games on my own... getting 71, 78, and 81. Then the four of us played 3 games, and I lost all of them... expected it.. but didn't expect to do so poorly... no idea why I did so poorly.. oh well I know I suck at bowling.... wonder if there are plans for going next week already... I doubt it... but you never know...


    Gaming Consoles

    ok... I got to thinking.... if I were to buy a new gaming console which one would I buy? The Xbox 360, the PS3, or the Nintendo Wii.... well.. at this point I don't think I would buy any of them, because they're all missing key features... The Xbox 360 doesn't have any good games that I would want to play.

    The PS3, like blue-ray and HD-DVD is just a rumor, and hasn't really been anywhere close to final production... so it'll just get pushed back...

    And the Nintendo Wii doesn't have any adapter or addon for me to play my original Nintendo NES Games on it. Now if they add that... I'd buy a Wii...

    Although, I am debating on whether or not to buy a Nintendo DS Lite for the Brain Games that they have... but we'll see...

    Which would you Buy?

    Microsoft Xbox 360 (0 votes)
    Sony Playstation 3 (1 votes)
    Nintendo Wii (1 votes)

    Let me know.


    Work today

    Today at work I felt like leaving early, because my head wasn't really there... but oh well I stayed all day. I had the opportunity to get overtime... but I didn't take it, because I wanted to leave early today... it is nice getting off of work at 2:30, but starting at 6:00am isn't fun...

    Oh well, I managed to get a switch installed before 8:00am and everything was working on it... so I can't argue... only two left... probably be next week and the week after.


    Last Night

    Well, Last night I went out bowling with Ken, Jen, Jen's Friends Cathy, Nicole, and Tabby. Cathy brought 3 friends, Melissa, Joe and some other guy.. I don't recall his name... Of course, since I suck at bowling.... I managed to lose both games... but I expected it... I don't care, I had fun none the less...

    Ken was acting drunk, after only 1 smirnoff... I'd hate to see him after more than one... although I bet it'd be funny.

    Ken and I made a bet that I couldn't stay off of Myspace until the 23rd... so I'm going to prove him wrong... so if you don't see that I've logged on, that's why...


    Stories of the Week

    I've posted this week's Stories of the Week.... we're on #6...