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    I finished my final, got a 91%, which is an A, that's what I think I'll be getting for the entire class...

    next big thing is to take the certification exam... how fun... luckily there are two practice ones I can take.



    I bought a wireless router and network card for my laptop... I got it working how I want it to now... which is always good...

    now all I have to do is test to see how far it'll go...

    I still have to take my final... which I think I'm going to do in the next couple of minutes... I'll let everybody know how I do.



    weird thing while driving home every few lights were out... very strange... it's not like it was one after another, but like every 3 or 4 lights I went by were out... strange... anyway, I'm off to bed soon....


    MP's Wedding

    well, the wedding was pretty good, Amanda was almost in tears during the vows, but she held herself together. It was a little toasty in the church, since there was no air conditioning in it. The Limo ride was alright, we watched part of Old school, and stopped at McDonalds... yes, I know, we were on our way to the reception, but dinner wasn't until 8:00.. the reception went rather well as well... my toast was short and sweet, while the Matron of Honor's, Gina, speech wasn't so short. I had revised my toast after the rehersal.

    So the whole day was pretty good, MP and Amanda are off to Hawaii for two weeks... he said he'll give me a call, except I don't know how much time he'll actually have... oh well... he'll enjoy it all the same... I bet they're counting all the money they got right now...



    Well I'll soon be off to go to rehersal for MP's wedding tomorrow... wonder how this will go.


    my day

    Well... I guess today wasn't so bad... it started off that way, but it go better...

    I didn't get enough sleep last night, I kept waking up... I didn't seem to accomplish anything at work... I didn't eat enough today...

    well anyway, I went to lab today... not too bad... I did manage to make sure of ip route-caching.... load balancing...

    anywho... I got a call just before class from my friend's dad saying he was having a problem with password recovery of a user on a computer... so I left class early (absolute shock I know), and I went to his house... when I got there he had a computer, laptop... and asked if the way he created an account was correct... and it was... he told me how he obtained the laptop (it was legally), and he said
    "well I got it for you"
    I'm like... "you're joking"
    I was speechless.... it's not the fastest laptop in the world... but it works... it's a p4 1.2 with 256MB of ram... it'll do somestuff... I will upgrade the ram... there's no wireless... at the moment... but I don't have a wireless network... now I have a reason to buy a wireless router....

    anyway, that's been my day... very strange... but now I have a laptop...


    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Well I worked today, from 11 - 5, I managed to get some stuff done, but not as much as I would have liked.

    I went to pick up my Harry Potter books from Borders... there were a lot of people there. remind me next time to go and get my slip right after work, I had to wait entirely too long to get my books, I didn't get out of there until 12:55, took forever...

    anyway, I will post a review of the book when I get done with it.


    New Clock

    I Added an analog clock to my blog, I also have a digital one I can add if I want.


    Color Change

    With only 4 days until Harry Potter I decided to change the colors of my blog to reflect colors from the actual cover of the book...